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An NYC-based writer and editor, Sona Charaipotra has contributed to the NYTimes, People, American Way, the Daily Beast, ABCNews, MSN, and other publications. She can be found at


A New York City-based writer and editor with more than a decade’s worth of experience in print and online media, I’ve written for the New York Times, People, TeenPeople, American Way, ABC News, Premiere, Modern Bride, The Daily Beast and other major national publications. With a fat rolodex of entertainment contacts, well-honed reporting, writing and editorial skills and a knack for project (and people!) management, I’m the girl to call for celebrity scoop and poignant profiles. But I can also pull together a quick personality-driven gift guide, round up real women’s recession-busting financial tips, blog about the latest film business trend or pen a flavorful narrative on culinary vacations in colonial Mexico. Whether I’m interviewing Drew Barrymore or writing about my backpacking adventure through India, you can expect crisp, clean, clever copy on or before deadline. Want to learn more? Check out


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